The Pacific Jujitsu Alliance is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Arts of Kodenkan Jujitsu as they were taught and passed down by Professor William L. Montero, Sr. to his students. We are inspired by the spirit, love and devotion Professor Montero had for his sensei, Master Henry Seishiro Okazaki and the arts of Kodenkan Jujitsu.

The Pacific Jujitsu Alliance recognizes the many different interpretations and ways to perform the arts of Kodenkan Jujitsu. Some of Master Okazakis students, depending on what years they were training at the Kodenkan in Hawaii, were taught different variations of the many arts of the ryu. What Master Okazaki taught to his students in 1939 was not always the same as what he taught in 1943, or even later in 1949.

All of the black belt students of Master Okazaki who actively the teaching and spreading of Kodenkan Jujitsu deserve credit and our respect for their efforts and dedication to the ryu developed by their sensei. Each of these early pioneers of Kodenkan Jujitsu brought with them their own experiences and interpretations of the arts of Kodenkan Jujitsu as they were taught to them. When asked which way was the 'original' way to perform a specific arts, Professor Montero responded by saying "The original way is the way your sensei first taught you."

Today, there are several organizations and groups that promote the arts of Kodenkan/Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, which have their own specific 'kata' or preferred way performing each of the arts of the ryu. The Pacific Jujitsu Alliance recognizes and respects all of these different versions of kata being promoted by these different organizations.

Kata is very important to those who are true students of Kodenkan Jujitsu. The late Professor Bob Krull, a student of Professor Montero, was fond of saying "To learn an art you first need to learn it inside the kata box, but to truly learn and understand the ryu you must also learn the art outside the box by making the box bigger." The late Professor Pat Brown also said "A black belt knows one way to perform each art, but a master knows five or more ways to perform the same art."

The Pacific Jujitsu Alliance openly offers to those students of Kodenkan Jujitsu who want to make their 'learning box' bigger the opportunity to learn the Professor Montero version and interpretation of Kodenkan Jujitsu.

What is the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance?

The Pacific Jujitsu Alliance is a yudanshaki (black belt organization) made up of like-minded black belt practitioners of Kodenkan/Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. We provide a non-political learning environment in which to study and promote the arts of Kodenkan Jujitsu as taught by Professor William L. Montero, Sr.

Our goals include:

Our values include:

Pacific Jujitsu Alliance

Founded January 13, 2001

The Pacific Jujitsu Alliance
is dedicated to the teaching and memory of:


Professor Willam L. Montero, Sr.

    - A Black Belt student of Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki, founder of Kodenkan/Danzan Ryu Jujitsu (1935-1948)
    - An early Professor of the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation (1953)
    - Honored by the Kodenkan Yudanshaki with the rank of Judan (10th Degree Black) and title of Dai Shihan (1984)
    - Sensei of the Pacific Judo Academy, San Jose, California (1948-1985)

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  1. Preserve and promote the arts of Kodenkan Jujitsu as taught by Professor William Montero, Sr. This is accomplished by teaching, practicing and sharing these arts with those who have a desire to learn.
  2. To extend and embrace the tradition and values of 'Ohana (family) to all serious practitioners of Kodenkan Jujitsu who in turn will embrace our goals and values.
  3. To openly accept other variations and interpretations of the Kodenkan arts as taught by other black belt students of Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki.
  4. To share our arts and learn from others by interacting and training with those students of Kodenkan Jujitsu who come from different lineages than ours.

  1. To honor, protect and love ones family.
  2. To be a good citizen and to honor, protect and loves ones country.
  3. To defend those who are not able to defend themselves
  4. To avoid immoral and unlawful actions and to refrain from unnecessary violent behavior.
  5. To honor, preserve and promote the teachings of Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki and Professor William L. Montero, Sr.
  6. To embrace and practice the values of honesty, integrity, faithfulness and obedience to the law.
  7. Not allow anyone's ego, personal bias or unprofessional motives to interfere with the goals and values of this alliance