Professor Sig Kufferath was undoubtedly one of the more influential instructors in Danzanryu history. Being a direct student of Master Okazaki, the good Professor was early on a favorite of his teacher. His skill, teaching ability and personality, along with the list of notable black belts he has produced represent a true legacy within our art. He truly dedicated a major portion of his life to teaching and training in Danzanryu Jujitsu.

Professor Kufferath's daughter, Leslee Kufferath, has recently created a special recognition she has labeled the "Kufferath Obi". The award represents a belt and certificate given by Leslee herself. The belt is a black belt, but it is capped on either end by a white panel. One end has the recipients name in red script, the other end is emblazoned with Prof. Kufferath's name and chop. The certificate, signed by Leslee, remarks on how this award is given to those "who have given far more than their time, they have given the essence of their beings to their art..."

There are 22 recipients of this award on record as of Nov 2016. Most recently Sensei Bob McKean and Sensei Chris Nicholas of the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance received this well deserved recognition.

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Sensei Chris Nicholas and Sensei Bob McKean displaying their new Kufferath Obi awards.

The Kufferath Obi

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