Sensei Robert Korody, the director and chief instructor of the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance healing arts curriculum, typically teaches a 3 part massage course throughout a given year. Professor Korody travels from New York to the West Coast to offer this program.

This is a great opportunity to learn the PJA dojo massage for the first time and/or to improved the massage skills you may already have.

The PJA dojo massage is based on the original teaching of Master Okazaki and the healing arts curriculum of Danzan Ryu.  The objective of the PJA dojo massage is the preservation of the Danzan Ryu healing arts curriculum and to provide students and Sensei within the Danzan Ryu community a medium with which to learn and apply these arts.

The PJA dojo massage curriculum is taught as per all other Danzan Ryu boards with the objective that the PJA school heads are qualified and responsible for passing on this aspect of our heritage to their students.

1/3 of the complete massage kata is taught per each meeting so as to concentrate application and retention.  The manner of instruction used is a tremendous time saver and allows the massage to be taught in days rather than months and at an affordable cost.

Below, please find a link to an article by Sensei Robert Korody - The Energetic Basis of Seifukujitsu and DZR Restorative Massage.  Feel free to share this article with your students and others.

Sensei Robert Korody is the contact person for the PJA Dojo Massage Program.  All registration and inquires should be directed to him.  Registration is simple and easy.  Dates have been selected to avoid conflict with other DZR events and DZR massage classes.  Contact information for Professor Korody can be found in the link below.


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